Complex offers visitors 113 parking spaces, of which 39 paid parking spaces at the barrier near the access gate on Țiglari Street and 74 parking spaces, located on Lacul lui Binder and Zidarilor streets.

Paid parking is only available when the complex is open. From the first of November until the opening season (depending on weather conditions), the parking is free of charge. The access of the vehicles in the parking is conditioned by taking of the ticket with the bar code from the barrier in front of the entrance.In the parking it is mandatory to follow the rules, signs and traffic markings, as well as the instructions of the staff of the complex.

Payment methods

There is NO possibility to pay in cash.

Payment can be made with a credit card at POS located at the exit of the parking, based on the ticket received at the entrance or through the mobilPay Wallet application which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Payment can also be made via SMS to 7530 with the text BINDER01 TICKET NO. After validating the payment, the parking must be vacated within 10 minutes.


By request, Binder Lake Complex can host various events or organized sporting events.

Sports event fee is 100 lei / hour.

In the fall of 2021, the complex hosted the first edition of the BINDER LAKE TRIATHLON, organized by the ARIA Sports Club Association for Sports.

The competition included swimming, cycling and running events in which over 150 competitors took part. They swam in Binder lake, cycled 20 km on Țiglari Street, Deventer Street and Tomis Street, then left the city on an off-road route, and on their return, they ran the 5 km on the promenade alleys around Binder lake.


On the sand beach area was placed a playground for children with various equipment and courses, which can be used by children between 1 year and 14 years. The playground can be used in accordance with the instructions and recommendations displayed.

Two sand volleyball courts have also been set up in the beach area.

Sport fishing

In the Binder Lake Complex is possible to practice sport fishing for a fee.

For sport fishing enthusiasts, the leisure complex is open early in the morning and in the evening. In order to avoid reaching the wakeboard cables of the installations, only “raft” fishing is permitted and any other method of fishing involving discarding is prohibited.

Bar and terrace

In the Multifunctional Pavilion, were created spaces that will be rented, in order to open a bar with terrace, where you can enjoy various drinks and from where you can watch the show offered by water sports enthusiasts.

From the terraces you can also enjoy the sun, with friends and family.