Please use the showers before and after using the rented sports equipment.

Access to showers is mandatory with non-slip footwear.

Please put all your belongings (including shoes) in the locker.

Please make sure your personal belongings are safe.

Please make sure you don’t forget your belongings in the locker room.


The wetsuit must be the right size for you.

Dress the suit so that the zipper is on the back and the colors are on the outside.

The life jacket must always be fastened to you.

The helmet must be fixed so that it stays in place when the head is moved and the straps are closed.

Please do not wear jewelry when practicing water sports and please hold your hair as tight as possible.

Please follow the instructions of the staff and follow the safety rules.

It is mandatory to return the equipment after the rental deadline.

After use, please hand over the rented goods to the complex staff.

Please do not leave the rented equipment in other place than in the specially arranged ones.

Destruction or damage to the equipment, facilities and arrangements of the leisure complex, including improvisation or negligent use, are strictly prohibited.

Serviciul Public Admnistrare Baze Sportive și de Agrement Sibiu does not assume responsibility for improperly stored goods.