The installation can be used by users between 14 and 75 years old, minimum height of 110 cm and maximum weight of 120 kg.

  • Users must sign the consent agreement. Those under 18 years old must have the signature of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff!
  • You need to know how to swim and always wear a life jacket and be physically and mentally fit.
  • It is forbidden to use the wakeboard installation after drinking alcohol and / or stimulant drinks or other prohibited substances.
  • In the event of a fall, leave the cable area immediately and swim to the nearest shore. Remove your skis or board and push them forward to swim faster.
  • Use the OK signal (after a drop): This important signal indicates that a user is OK after a crash. It consists of both hands clasped over the head. It must be used every time the user falls.
  • Beware of loose ropes!
  • Avoid reaching for handles by diving for a short time.
  • NEVER try to take a passing line after a fall.
  • Hold the handle in your hands! Never between the legs! Never put any part of your body by the handle and do not wrap the line around you in any way!
  • It is not permitted to shorten the water ski line provided!

Mandatory conditions: specific equipment, life jacket, helmet, consent agreement.


Handling for a beginner is a very important part of the wakeboarder’s experience.

The operator starts with a slow and light speed to make the route easier for the user. If the user has trouble reaching a gliding position, the operator gradually accelerates the speed at start. Once as the user glides on the surface of the water, it is important to adjust the speed. The most common shooting error is accelerating too fast, which can cause the bottom plate to slip under the user. When a beginner uses the installation, the speed decreases slightly when the user learns to make turns on the surface. The slower speed will allow the board to slide more easily on the surface water. If the user appears to be out of control, the speed is reduced to avoid a sharp drop. For example, if the user has straight elbows and the handle is far from the hips, it slows down. This will relieve some of the tension in the rope and will almost always avoid a strong fall.


A golden rule in wakeboarding is to hold the handle close to your hips whenever you do a trick.

If the user is walking in a straight line, it is good to have the elbows straight and the handle out, but whenever the user wants to turn, it is important to bring the handle to the hips. That way, if the user becomes unbalanced, can return some of the line voltage to the pole without falling.

Proper grip of the handle:

  • for wakeboarding, use the grip with the joints up.


The key for wakeboarding is mastering the correct body position. It’s a good idea to prove this position of the body on land before entering the water. The proper position of the wakeboard body is:

  • feet in a lateral position
  • the upper part of the body slightly twisted towards the pillar through the hips and shoulders
  • center of gravity above the legs, with a slightly heavier weight on the hind leg
  • straight hands and handle down
  • slightly bent knees

Helpful Hint:

Don’t worry about the dominant leg. Once you get up on the board it will be a natural position.


Try to relax in the water. Stand up straight and the board will float. There are 3 things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep your hands straight
  2. Keep your knees bent
  3. Allow the plate to come out of the water.

When the rope tightens and you accelerate slowly, really focus on keeping your knees as bend as possible.

You need to keep your heels under your buttocks while holding your knees to your chest. This means that your board will get a little underwater, but it’s fine as long as you stay squatting. Don t worry if you turn the board over – this will happen later. Keep your feet, knees and shoulders facing the pillar. Look straight ahead (not at your feet) and remember that your pillar will get you out of the water. Stay in the squat position until the plate rises completely out of the water.

Two common mistakes when learning to get up are:

  1. trying to get up too fast.
  2. holding the plate in front of you by catching too much water.

If you lower your heels and stay up (more than you think you should), it should

be a little resistance coming out of the water. Once you are above the water, get up

slowly, as if you had risen from your crouched position. Allow the plate to rotate so that one leg should be in front of the other. Your dominant leg will usually be the hind leg. You will keep your knees bent and your arms straight / relaxed.

Hold the correct wakeboarding position for 20 seconds. Start with the plate touching the water, lift the plate on water, then lower the plate under water. Complete 5 controlled climbs. Repeat the movement 5 times.


  1. Accelerate: the “thumbs up” gesture indicates that the user would like the speed to increase.
  2. Slowing down: The “thumb down” gesture indicates that the user would like the speed to slow down.
  3. OK: If the speed is good, the user can use the OK signal.
  4. Return: When the user wants go back, use a circular motion with arm above the head with finger in air.
  5. Back to the dock: a bang on the head indicates that the user would like to return to the doc.
  6. Stop: A cutting motion with your hand over your neck indicates that the installation must stop immediately. This signal can be used by the user or supervisor.
  7. I’m OK (after a fall): this important signal indicates that a user is OK after a crash. It consists of both hands clasped over his head. This sign should be used every time the user falls.

WAKEBOARDING 2.0 leisure equipment information

  • Equipment identification code: W2.0
  • Series: FUN-BIN 2.0
  • Year of manufacture: 2021
  • Manufacturer: FUN ATTRACTION EXPERT SERVICE S.R.L., headquarter in Bucharest, sector 4, str. Uioara, no. 7, A14 / 55, Phone no. 0768.323.110 e-mail:
  • Maximum permissible weight: 120 kg
  • Minimum height allowed: 110 cm
  • Maximum number of users allowed: 1 user
  • Maximum permitted speed of leisure equipment: 40 km / h
  • Certificate of Conformity of Type no. 029-435 / 04.08.2021 broadcast by RINA SIMTEX – CERTIFICATION BODY S.R.L.